The personalization of the content, but above all the ability to adapt to new fundamentals and adjustments always add value. Stay tuned if you want to know what the trending topic in graphic design will be in 2021 .

2020 has been an atypical year, full of events and great changes. If we add this to the fact that in a certain way the world has changed, the trends in graphic design for 2021 are focused on transmitting serenity and simplicity in the midst of a complex world in constant evolution.

The graphic design simplifies your approach and softens the colors to convey a clear and attractive message .

Let’s take a walk through what we consider the main trends that will set the tone in graphic design for the coming year.

Discuss with us what are the graphic design resources that will influence this uncertain horizon that this coming year holds. For this we are going to delve into 14 visual areas in which you will recognize the different trends in graphic design 2021 as soon as you see them. If you want to specialize in this sector, take a look at our graphic design courses .

Dark mode

He came stomping in and it seems he’s come to stay. At this point in the movie everyone, whether we are Android , IOS, W10 or MacOS , we are in and familiar with the new normal of dark mode, whether in mobile applications or in the web browsers that we use so much in Our day to day.

The dark mode brings that mystery and highlights each of the details that a brochure, web or mobile application can have.

3D graphic design

Given the situation in which the Covid is leaving us, where social distance is imposed on us, rather than as an option, they appear as the only reasonable way to alleviate our human need to socialize.

There is no doubt that VR and AR technology will advance by leaps and bounds this 2021 and could be in every home sooner than we imagine. If we talk about companies that have already advanced, a clear example is the game Call Of Duty.

We have been deprived in many countries of the pleasure of enjoying the music of our favorite artists while watching them in front of us in the flesh. And if things don’t change this year, this is the option that comes closest to that feeling. So it is no wonder that spring and summer are already preparing large projects, so go looking your best outfits around the house because nightclu virtual dolls are just around the corner.

Closely linked to this technology, virtual currency begins to appear on some well-known platforms such as Coinbase, under the name SENSO, although it cannot yet be purchased.


They are those small animations that occur from user action and that clearly make a difference in an environment where web applications and developments are being very similar. A clear example is the iPhone notifications, in which only a part of the message comes out, they are pressed and the full text appears.

Data visualization is simplified

When we present data in an infographic, the intention is to deliver the information in a way that even the most complex data is easy to understand.

The idea of ​​presenting data is to facilitate its understanding through simple and easy graphs. It would not make sense to create images that later have to be explained.

In today’s times we are saturated with information and data; This produces a mental exhaustion that we are not aware of. For those the visualizations should be easy to understand almost with the naked eye.


The light effect of the texture is striking, projecting that ultra-light and soft sensation.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice chatbots and virtual assistants are definitely gaining ground and are making us change the way we interact with our devices. Brands like Apple, Google and Amazon are setting their own trends as their attendees get older.

Full color as one of the trends in graphic design 2021

Colors for 2021 have already come to light at the Patone Color Institute and large companies have begun to incorporate them into their repertoire .

Fabulous product photos

Nike , one of the best examples that comes to mind to show you that one of their main ideas to use this design trend in 2021 is to stun customers and attract their attention by showing fascinating and unreal elements.

Mixing photography with graphics

Another design trend is the overlay of graphics on images. With this technique you can create childishness or add seriousness to your website. (Here I would add one more image than the link because the resource is much more aesthetic and is fixed as happens with the nike product photo, so as a user it is more comfortable to see it at a glance instead of clicking)

Unusual and futuristic color combinations

We go from unreal to unusual. This 2021 the trend will be about bright and bold colors on web pages. Colors without any pattern to each other, it seems to blend well and harmonize perfectly. They attract the attention of users due to that very uniqueness.

The use of geometric shapes for visual elements and designs seems to be the common denominator in graphic design in 2021. This reminds us of the need to base ourselves on capturing ideas through simple resources.

The geometric shapes allow to print consistency, structure and order to the images.

In addition, they allow you to produce effective contrasts to achieve an image that captures attention.

Other beneficiaries in the use of geometric shapes are graphics, since it is possible to improve the presentation to provide depth and texture.

Due to the simplicity of the lines, the geometric shapes allow you to play with an infinite number of combinations between colors to achieve a striking effect.

Illustrations and flat icons

The need to renew and change the appearance of designs makes trends cyclical.

And this is how flat illustrations return, simple drawings but with a renewed and fresh look.

Icons are the great allies in visual communication. In images, a lot of information is quickly transmitted that, described in words, would take long texts.

The use of one or more icons to convey an idea is very effective and flat figures with simple lines are very pleasing to the eye and capture the attention of the target audience very quickly.

As we already mentioned, in a world saturated with information, minds need the message to be presented in a powerful and easy to interpret way.

Videos with a lot of text

Remote work makes it difficult to get interesting shots in order to make quality videos.

For this reason, video production will rely heavily on the use of graphics and a lot of text.

This situation will open up new possibilities of communicating through videos and also allows the reuse of content presented in other formats. In short, a whole world to explore that is going to achieve a great development.

Slides and social media

Slide shows work great on social media; The most used for this are LinkedIn and Instagram. This is because the image manager allows the use of presentations in an agile and simple way.

That is why it is also considered one of the graphic design trends in 2021. In addition, we have noticed that the algorithms of both networks tend to better position the slide shows than those that only have a single image.

This is because social media users are more likely to look at slideshows than simple images or graphics. With them you can develop very attractive communications to promote a product or tell a story that captures the attention of the target audience.

One thing is for sure: the unprecedented situation we are living in is opening the way to new ways of developing creativity applied to graphic design. This will make those of us dedicated to this profession develop our potential like never before with innovative ideas and reinventing this art so necessary to communicate and transmit ideas. In a world that changes at great speed and that information grows exponentially, simplicity and serenity will be the bases of creative development. And at this point, what other graphic design trends in 2021 do you think there are?

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